Patient Stories and Testimonials

Coco's Story

Coco was admitted for a prolonged hospital stay because she required pain management. Coco did not have the appetite to eat. Her parents were worried because she was refusing food and getting very weak. The hospital staff was trying to find something to lift her spirits. They called Dec My Room and requested a dec’ing for Coco. They told us that Coco loves Hollywood. A Dec My Room team created a Hollywood room just for her. When the volunteers arrived Coco sat up in her bed and began to smile. That afternoon, Coco ate some Jell-O. Coco’s mom said that Dec made Coco feel like the world cares about her!

Jose's Story

Jose was from Mexico and was now living in Houston at the Texas Children’s Hospital, undergoing treatments. This meant that he did not have family and friends nearby to visit him. He did have one Aunt who lived in the area, but was unable to visit often because she worked. He was 18 years old and feeling all alone. The hospital was to be his home for at least the next six weeks, so Jose was chosen for a visit from Dec My Room. The Dec volunteers brightened his room with a colorful bedspread, towels, rugs and pillows. He also received some games and many other things that he liked. Jose got out of his bed and thanked our volunteers many times. Jose told them,“ I don’t feel like I am really here in the hospital anymore”, he was all smiles.

Jonathon's Story

When I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, it was one of the worst days of my life, but being told that in order to save my life I would have to stay in the hospital for most of nine months was even more devastating. Staring at the same four walls day in and day out, especially as a teenager, can get quite depressing.

I had been in the hospital a few months having intense chemotherapy and feeling too nauseated to even go in the hallways when a few people from “Dec My Room” showed up with all kinds of neat stuff for my room. I didn’t even know who they were or where they came from. But they came in and changed my dull hospital room into MY room. I suddenly felt like I was at home! I’m a big hunter and fisherman and they brought me everything from a camouflage comforter and sheets to a big ‘ol fish pillow that I could wrap around when I felt so sick. I didn’t feel like I was in solitary confinement anymore. I had my own things and my decorations to feel like a teenager again.

Once I was discharged in April after my last stay of 102 days in the hospital, I came home and decorated my room at home with the stuff from “Dec My Room”. That’s how much the things they gave me mean to me. When you are in the hospital with cancer, you lose all sense of humility and dignity because you spend your days being poked and prodded and your life feels as though it is no longer your own. Having these things to call my own and sheets to lay on that weren’t hospital white and scratchy helped me through one of the darkest times in my life. I will never forget this organization!

Nick's Story

Nick loves the Dynamo, and is a huge soccer fan.  Nick has been battling cancer for over 3 years.  He has been into remission 2 times.  He is now battling cancer for the third time.  Nick needed a bone marrow transplant, and was scheduled to be admitted for 12 weeks.  His parents were exhausted and overwhelmed with the paperwork and fear that accompany checking your child into the hospital for a transplant.  When they entered Nick’s room, it was filled with Dynamo orange.  Nick’s dad said, “I don’t remember many things about checking into the hospital.  Most of it is just a blur and I have tried to forget the fear and frustration.  But, I will never forget the joy on Nick’s face when he entered his room.  He was thrilled!  It was a moment that I will never forget.”  



"Our daughter Coco was admitted for a prolonged hospital stay.  We were very worried because she refused to eat and was getting very weak.  The hospital staff called Dec My Room.  A Dec team created a Hollywood themed room just for her.  Then the volunteers arrived, Coco sat up in her bed with a big smile.  That afternoon, Coco ate for the first time in days! Dec My Room made Coco feel like the world cares about her."

- Coco's Mom at Texas Children's Hospital


"Brian really appreciated the gifts, and the decorations made her feel 'at home'.  What a thoughtful project!  May God bless you all.  Thank you for remembering people during this trying time and lifting their spirits!"

- Brie's Mom at M.D. Anderson Children's Cancer Center


"My son was in the hospital for so long, it was hard to look at the same walls everyday while having to think about his illness and treatment.  When Dec My Room came in and surprised him with a newly decorated room that had everything he loved, he was excited and motivated.  He started to work so hard and got to go home 2 weeks early!  It was a blessing to have a moment where we weren't thinking of his illness, but of his happiness."

- Sergio's Mom at Children's Hospital Los Angeles