To Volunteer

The success of Dec My Room depends on its volunteers. A Dec volunteer is not an ordinary volunteer. A Dec volunteer is kind hearted, of steady character, has experience volunteering and has deep compassion for sick children.

A Dec volunteer should have prior experience volunteering in the community. Our volunteers work directly with pediatric and young adult patients who are in the hospital for a prolonged period of time. He or she must have a great deal of discretion and flexibility. The volunteer needs to possess the emotional maturity to handle any situation that may arise. In addition, the volunteer must be aware of the hospital rules and rely on the hospital liaisons (nurse, secretary to nurse or child life specialist) and attending nurses, to know when the right time is to enter the hospital room to do your Dec-ing.

A Dec volunteer must be very reliable and respond quickly to a request from the coordinator. There should only be a small window of time between the hospital request and a team’s acceptance of the request. Usually there should be only a 2-3 day period of time between the initial request, acceptance of the request by a team and the actual decorating of the room.

Several of our volunteers will be notified when a request comes in from one of our hospitals. We know that volunteers cannot always be available. It is extremely important that our volunteers communicate their availability promptly to the coordinator once they are aware of a request.

If you feel you can meet these requirements then we welcome you to join our awesome team of Dec My Room volunteers.

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Junior Volunteer Program