Dec My Room’s Junior Volunteer Program

Dec My Room’s Junior Volunteer program is made up of volunteers that are in school or are of school age.  They provide service to Dec My Room periodically throughout the year. They are generally part of a larger group or organization whose motto or mission statement includes service to others and care for those in need. Junior volunteers are compassionate, mature and understand Dec My Room’s Mission Statement and purpose in creating healing place in pediatric hospitals.

Dec My Room Junior Volunteers realize that they may not be allowed into pediatric patients rooms, yet find ways to create healing places by volunteering at the Dec My Room office, make DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that can be delivered to patients, create hand tied blankets, create flashcards for the library or get well cards. 

Dec My Room Junior Volunteers demonstrate leadership in the community by attending and supporting fundraisers.  Some Junior Volunteers set up fundraisers and encourage their friends to attend and learn more about Dec My Room.

Groups We Work With

Here are some of the groups we currently work with:

  • St. Francis Episcopal Day School Middle School Community Club
  • University of Houston, Phi Mu Fraternity
  • St. Agnes Academy Dec My Room Club
  • Girl Scouts of America – Daisy through Senior, including advanced awards
  • Texas A & M University Aggie Gentleman
  • Episcopal High School Community Service Club
  • St. John’s School Community Service Club, Varsity Basketball Team

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